From first model

 Don't laugh... Michael and I spent too much time trying to explain our ideas to each other.  Paper/pen didn't help because neither of us  draw well.  So we came up with this very rudimentary 3-D model made of large tin cans and styrofoam.

Styrofoam = concrete block walls, 4' high.

Tin can halves: roof system, sits on concrete walls.

Note: there will be a back concrete  wall, as well.  Model is missing the styrofoam back there!

Oh, and cardboard cutouts laying in front represent front wall build-outs.  Door is lid to mason jar, bricks around doors and windows is red marker.  Cheap, but we got the picture...

Roof system

Diameter of tank: 16'

Imagine: stand it up, slice it vertically down the middle.  

Now take a look at our tin can model again.

Do you see it? The floor of the tank serves as the back wall gable.

The ceilings will be about 11.5 ft. high from floor level.

This steel is solid 3/16th, and since it's in a perfect arch, it will be structurally sound  - forcing all psi weight straight onto the walls and foundation.

At least, that's our theory!

Collecting "hobbity" things

One of my first purchases - thank you, Norma Meyer, from Boerne, TX!   This rustic wooden basin is 19" high, 23" wide.  I was thinking kitchen sink, but will need to waterproof and reinforce the inside, cut a drain hole, and mount it higher.  

Thoughts, anyone?


Coming Soon...

More items I pick up along the way, and more about the materials and design considerations.

Many thanks to...

All the artistic dreamers who support this endeavor with their input, materials, and hands-on experience.


I'll be adding a page that includes our expected timeline.  This will certainly be an ever-changing calendar; this is not our first rodeo in terms of building structures together.  Michael always says "Figure on doubling the money and tripling the time."  Sigh... he's generally spot-on.