Interior Ideas - Suggestions?


I'm pretty sure this is what I intend to do in the main living areas - cordwood floor.  We have ample supply of cord wood on the property!

Color variant

I like that you can choose big and small pieces for cordwood flooring - keeps it interesting and keeps waste down.  This floor has a more subdued color. 

Repurposing old beams

This floor's owner chose old beams for a more uniform look for his floor.  Notice that most of his pieces have a flat top and bottom, so the pattern is consistent.

Sculpting the inside

This sculpted tree and rock is covering a fireplace insert.  A VERY talented family member will be helping create an entirely unique enclosure for our interesting little fireplace insert (next pic!)

Our little insert

Michael and I saw this and had to have it (Thank you, Ken and Sabrina from Georgetown!)  Wine bottle added to show scale - the insert isn't very big, which is perfect for a 3' Hobbit!  

This will be enclosed by sculpted rock and tree roots like the picture to your left.

Kitchen or bath sink?

Still trying to figure the best place for this wooden basin, and how to seal the inside without covering the lovely "woodiness" of it.