All who wander are not lost...

And wander, we may!

No dates set in stone.  We'll meander along, but try to give our followers an idea of progress and upcoming milestones.


We hope to have the slab and concrete half-walls up by May 2

Roof system

A local company (bless them!) will be delivering our "roof system" some time this last week of April.  We will have to set the half-round sections aside until we have let the concrete in the block walls cure for at least a week.

Michael will be welding each 6' section together, and joining the two sides together.  He will also have to torch-cut holes in the ceiling for vents, stove-pipe, and the solar light tubes to provide ambient lighting beyond  what the windows will provide.

Back filling the structure

Whoa... this part ...  We aren't even sure HOW we are going to get equipment up on the steep hill behind the excavation.  I don't want Michael on equipment up there, so we may hire this part out (mid-May).

What next?

Floor covering, shower floor (probably stone), electrical outlets... we aren't even thinking that far ahead at this point.  I'll flesh out those things in this blog later!

Thank you again...

... for viewing our page and following our progress.  Please -  use the home page to send us your suggestions or questions!