Welcome to Bag's End - Texas Hill Country style!

A whimsy for decades:   build  a Hobbit House!

In our late 50s/60's, we take the leap.   

Come, follow our journey...

About Us

Who are we?

An older couple with zest and zeal, unwilling to settle for retirement in a rut.  We share seven children (all grown),  ten grandchildren, and two great-grandkids.  Grampa and Gramma are here to show them that with imagination and dedication, ANYthing is possible!

Who says...

...we should invest in the stock market?     Settle for incessant days of coffee-news-nap-news-Netflix-bed, repeat ad nauseam?  Act our age?  Pfffft!

Instead, let's build a hobbit hole in that hillside over there, make it authentic as possible, craft it with love and thoughtfulness to detail.  Maybe, just maybe, they will come...

And, by the way...

We both operate backhoes, tractors, trenchers, and all manner of tools - - 95% of the work you see will be completed by us.  Yeah, it will take a little longer, but every night we sit on the deck, gazing at the day's work, amazed at what can be accomplished with dreams, elbow grease, and a refusal to act our age ...  we hope some may follow our lead.

Follow us, comment away!

We would love to hear from you. Suggestions, encouragement - all is welcome!

Stay in touch!

Everyone's input is a precious part of our journey...

Feel free to drop us a line!  We are interested in collecting special items which will adorn this Hobbit House, inside and out.  If you have a "Hobbity" item (wooden, worn, olden, magical) that fits our decor, we'd love to include it in the HH.  Donations welcome (and names will be mentioned in our blog and any advertisements!)  While we are on a budget, we will pay reasonable costs for items appealing to our vision. We want this to be a "Hobbitat"  created with love and thoughtfulness.

Texas Hobbit House


Do the things that count... count the things that matter... and be thankful for all.